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BioBased Videos

BioBased Insulation Application

BioBased Insulation Application (4:37)

Shows BioBased Insulation being installed in a home from start to finish. Sprays in as a liquid and quickly expands to multiple times in size to seal and insulate in one step.

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You will find a variety of videos that feature BioBased Insulation as well as clips of shows that have featured BioBased Insulation in the past.

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Benefits of Green

What is Green

Essentially, going "green" with your insulation means choosing a solution that:

  • Incorporates annually renewable resources as a replacement for a portion of the petroleum found in traditional spray foam insulations.
  • Has higher efficiencies than traditional insulation, thereby reducing utilities costs by lowering consumption of natural gas and electricity.
    • This in turn reduces overall use of other energy sources, and
    • Helps take care of the planet, a bit at a time, for future generations.

Green Foam LLC chose to become a dealer of BioBased® insulation not only because of the product's superior quality and efficiency, but because the company creates their products with the health of people, as well as the Earth, in mind.

For more on BioBased, please visit their website:

The Green Difference

It's made from soybeans?

Yes. BioBased® spray foam utilizes soy oil to create their insulation.

Their spray foam insulation was created with using renewable and sustainable resources in mind. Using soybeans supports domestic farmers by creating more demand for their crops.

Furthermore, it is a more efficient insulation solution than fiberglass and will not disintegrate or sag over time.

And best of all, you can get money back from Uncle Sam for going green.

For more detailed information on BioBased® products, please see the technical specifications PDFs.

Cost Savings

How does BioBased Insulation® save consumers money?

While the initial cost of installing BioBased Insulation® may be higher than traditional insulation, the savings in monthly utility bills outweighs the extra cost and results in a positive cash flow. When paired with other responsible building components, BioBased Insulation® can reduce monthly heating and cooling bills by up to 50% when compared to traditionally insulated homes.

As an example, using BioBased Insulation® may increase your monthly mortgage by $15, but decrease your monthly utility bills by $65, providing a net savings of $50 each month.

Because BioBased Insulation® creates a continuous, sealed thermal envelope around your home or structure, in many cases, you also can save additional money by reducing the required size of the HVAC (heating and air conditioning) unit.

Tax Benefits